About This Site

This website is the online accompaniment to the book 'A Fast Guide To Choosing a Brilliant Career' written by Paddy McCann. Jobmine is not a resource where we  ask a bunch of questions and supply suggestions based on what we think is right for you, Jobmine is about empowering you to ask the questions yourself and seek out the answers wherever they may be.

You might find helpful links on this site to point you in the right direction and we hope the videos we will add will inspire you. Jobmine is the website where you can:

  • View inspiring videos of people telling their own career story
  • Discover a wealth of links to career based online resources to save you time and fast track your success
  • Connect with educators and employers and get answers to your most demanding questions

Growing This Resource

We are gradually adding content in the coming days and weeks and value your feedback and collaboration at every step along the way. If you have a story to tell that might help others decide on their own brilliant career - please share it with us. We are currently seeking people with a story to tell whom we might interview on camera. Is this you?

Meanwhile, if you are an individual seeking to join an existing workshop or you represent either students or people actively seeking work who do not yet have a clear career strategy, enquire now to hear Paddy speak with you or your group soon!

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